The rules to get whitelisted are simply just email if you meet the following

1. Do NOT submit any trial/shareware
2. Submit links to the download page, and not main site or to the file hosting service unless approved by admin...
3. Do NOT submit old downloads ever again, we do not delete old downloads as long as they work
4. You can submit a maximum of 50 downloads every day

5. A maximum of 1 popup ad and No URL masking and timed redirection are not allowed.

.6. Never EVER use symbols or words in complete CAPITALS in your download title.
7. Forums: The downloads you submit must be fully accessible by guests.
8. NO eDonkey / eMule / bit torrents..Or any other none http protocol.
9. NO DEAD LINKS!! I assume that you checked them before you submit.
10. Choose the right category for your downloads, Do not submit all into "Others"
11. If more than 4 other site buttons are present we require a linkback which is located at the bottom of this page.

12. Maximum 8 buttons and 12 text links allowed per site
Any violation will lead to a ban without notice’

Also if you are white listed we will be checking occasionally to see that you meet the above.


This logo is needed on your site !!


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